QC Wins Green Business of the Year Award

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At Quality Connections, our goals are both social and environmental. In addition to empowering individuals with disabilities so that they can become more independent, we also work to help businesses recycle their e-waste, preventing tons of it from ending up in our landfills.

Which is why it was so gratifying to be recognized recently by the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce for our commitment to the environment. 

Check out the story below to show how Quality Connection’s recycling program is not only helping the environment, but also helping employ individuals with disabilities.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Enews Empowerment.

– Armando Bernasconi,
Co-Founder and CEO

Quality Connections Honored with Environmental Award

We are extremely proud to announce that the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce awarded Quality Connections and QC Office with the 2023 Green Business of the Year Award.

The award honors businesses that are models of sustainability and social responsibility in the Flagstaff community. Recipients are notable for going beyond compliance with environmental regulations and seeking to lead the way in the fight against climate change.

The award was presented at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting earlier this month, one of the largest business gatherings each year in Northern Arizona. 

We were nominated for the award by QC Board Member Regina Salas.

“It is QC Office’s e-waste recycling services that stands out as a model of social responsibility in our community,” Regina wrote in the nomination. “While many companies tell a good story about how ‘green’ they are, QC Office has been quietly helping its customers in Flagstaff keep hazardous electronics out of the landfill for years.”

Sustainability has been part of the QC story since the very beginning. QC Office got its start remanufacturing toner cartridges, and continues to transform business e-waste into employment and training for disabled workers. 

Our recycling program now accepts computers, laptops, printers, copy and fax machines, projectors, cell phones, stereo equipment, tablets, cameras and more.

Refurbishing this equipment not only keeps it out of our landfills, it provides valuable training for our members as they prepare to enter the workforce. Our recycling program fulfills most of Quality Connections internal IT needs. Remanufactured toner cartridges are resold under our house brand QC Toner at a greatly reduced price compared with name brands. Refurbished computer towers, flat screen monitors, keyboards and mice are offered free of charge to other nonprofits in the community.

Our e-waste recycling services are offered for free to QC Office customers and for a small fee to non-customers.

Thanks to the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce for this award and to Regina Salas for nominating Quality Connections.

We need Quality Connections . . . like you!

You can help individuals with disabilities become independent and productive members of our community. There are many way to be a ‘Quality Connection’ and get involved and all of them are important:

Every purchase from QC Office equals employment and job training opportunities for a person with disabilities.

Enable a person with disabilities to become a productive member of our community.

You’ll be doing good. Plus, you’ll get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your AZ state taxes (up to $800!)

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