STAR Awards - Fall 2023

QC Members and Employees gathered at QC Learning for our Fall STAR Awards ceremony. This season’s event was extra special! Our friends from NAU’s Social Work Department organized a fun Halloween Dance Party immediately after the STAR Awards. Everyone came dressed in awesome costumes, including our CEO / MC for the event who dressed as a luchador (Mexican wrestler). Watch the video on our Facebook page. Congratulations to all our Fall 2023 STAR Award recipients!

STARS of Evergreen Academy Preschool

Susan Decker
Rachel Strayer

STARS of Employment Services

Andrew Ferrall
Jordan Goodwin

STAR of In-Home Services

Nancy Jimenez

STARS of QC Learning

Jeremy Cowart
Mariah Stanton

STARS of Group Home Services

Berdine McGilvery
Lisa Dean

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