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What does it mean to be connected?

By definition it’s that feeling of being linked socially, emotionally, or even professionally. Being well-connected implies that you are close to people who are important or influential.

We particularly like the definition attributed to the author Dr. Brene Brown, however, who said it was “the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.”

Building connection for individuals with disabilities is what we do at Quality Connections, and now we’d like to extend an invitation to you to share in that feeling by becoming part of our CONNECTED CLUB.

The Club was inspired by a Quality Connections member who came in with a t-shirt he designed with our logo and the words, “I’M CONNECTED.” Learn more about his story and how you can join below.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Enews Empowerment.

– Armando & Melissa Bernasconi,
Co-Founders, Quality Connections


A few years ago, a member named Tony walked into the offices of Quality Connections sporting a t-shirt he designed with our logo and the bold, hand-written words “I’M CONNECTED” on the front.

Tony told us he was inspired by the many connections he had made by being a part of Quality Connections.

He felt connected to his peers in the QC Learning adult day program. He felt connected to local businesses as part of the crew that delivered office products from QC Office (our social enterprise business).

He also felt connected to the community as the voice on public service messages about Quality Connections that aired on Great Circle Media radio stations.

Quality Connections has been helping people with disabilities overcome barriers on their journey toward greater independence since 1999. We’ve helped thousands of people make meaningful connections and improve their lives, through programs that offer a continuum of support from the home to the workplace.

This includes residential programs (both independent living and group home settings); our Montessori classes for adults; innovative employment training programs; and real-world work experience with QC Office or our Evergreen Academy Preschool.

All of our services are provided without cost to our members through state funding, but that only covers the bare minimum cost of programs – and that is not enough. The bare minimum won’t attract the talented, dedicated professionals needed to assist our members and it won’t produce the best outcomes as our members work tirelessly to gain greater independence.

Which is why we are inviting you to GET CONNECTED and join our Connected Club, a monthly giving program that bridges the gap between “bare minimum” and what our members need and deserve.

Monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to help sustain and build Quality Connections programs. It provides us with a consistent and reliable income stream, while making donations manageable and affordable for donors.

We’ll also make sure that you enjoy that feeling of community with some swag to let others know that you’re connected. As a token of our appreciation, each member of the Connected Club will receive a gift:

  • $50/month – I’M CONNECTED t-shirt
  • $40/month – I’M CONNECTED baseball hat
  • $25/month – I’M CONNECTED water bottle
  • $10/month – I’M CONNECTED tote bag
  • $5/month – I’M CONNECTED lanyard


As a supporter of Quality Connections, your monthly contribution can help nurture the powerful feeling of connection. You can help individuals with disabilities focus on their strengths and eliminate barriers to being fully integrated into our community. You can be the person who closes the gap between the “bare minimum” and our members being fully CONNECTED!

CONNECTED CLUB RAFFLE. Join us and sign-up to make a recurring contribution of any amount by August 24, and you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win ALL of our amazing I’M CONNECTED swag. Details on our CONNECTED CLUB page.

We believe so strongly in the value of this work – helping people with disabilities make connections and improve their lives – that we’ve dedicated our lives to it. We’re proud to be the very first members of the CONNECTED CLUB! Please join us.

Make your recurring donation and GET CONNECTED with us and all the amazing people who are part of our organization.

Thank you for your consideration and please visit our Connected Club page for more information.

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